Stronger brand. Better business.

desent® is an independent business design agency.

By combining creative design, smart innovation, and common sense we are able to define solid strategies and build strong, stylish, and valuable brands to reinforce your business.

Brand Engineering Process

To get the best results, every business goes through our Brand Engineering Process. From start-up brands to well-established names, the process ensures that we collect the necessary and relevant data to define the perfect strategy for your brand or business. A well-streamlined plan sets the stage for success.

Based on this strategy, in combination with creative design, smart innovation, and common sense, we will create assets and experiences, from physical, digital to virtual, that are the perfect translation of our thinking and design process.

Examples: multifunctional website, webshop, mobile applications, visuals, tools, campaigns, VR/AR, …

We care about the message we bring.
The value we add. The people we create it for.

Some of our valuable clients

We worked with local heroes and global leaders.

A unique combination of skills

The great strength of desent is its non-traditional approach to projects.

We don’t just focus purely on design alone, but also on company identity, market, and people. With a strong affinity for innovation and technology, this creates a unique skill set that results in the most complete strategy possible, which is valuable for both brand and business.

Let’s create value together

Christophe Hautier
Founder and creative director
+32 472 51 70 76

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desent stands for design entrepreneur.

A role that Christophe Hautier, founder and creative director, gladly assumes. He has been striving for more than 10 years to achieve the most perfect, creative, and efficient approach to projects. In addition to a solid network of professionals, he creates long-term relationships with clients, who always rely on his available knowledge and experience to successfully develop their businesses.