.about desent®

Helping businesses being more creative since 2011.

desent® is a full-service creative agency with a personal approach.

We build future-proof businesses by embracing innovation, sustainability, customer-centricity, flexibility, and a strong mission and vision.

desent® is a collaboration of design experts, engineers, and strategists with a passion for helping companies stand out in their industry. We believe that a strong future-proof brand is the foundation for any successful business.

We work closely with our clients to understand their unique values, goals, and target audience, and use that knowledge to create a future-proof brand that resonates with their customers.

Christophe Hautier, founder and creative director, has been striving for more than a decade to achieve the most perfect, creative, and efficient approach to projects. In addition to a solid network of professionals, he creates long-term relationships with clients, who always rely on his available knowledge and experience to successfully develop their businesses.



The process of creating a unique identity.

Branding involves creating a memorable name, logo, tagline, story, color palette, and font that reflects your business's values and personality.

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Assets and experiences.

Visualize your business with smart and innovative physical, digital, and virtual solutions.

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Choose your message wisely.

Together we create a tailored communication strategy that aligns with your business goals and strategy, ensures clarity and consistency in your messaging, and strengthens relationships with your customers, employees, and partners.

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Improving skills and knowledge.

We provide consulting services to help clients identify challenges and opportunities, and develop strategies to address them.

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Looking forward meeting you and discussing your project.